The Florida Match Play Championships


South Florida Fair Amphitheater

Event Information

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Registration Check In Times<br>
All Star: <br>
Dance: <br><br>

Dance Teams<br>
Solo Dance<br>
Prep Teams<br>
All Star Cheer Teams<br>
Special Athlete<br>
Reminders: <br>
-Teams must have a zero balance in order to participate in the event. <br>
-No All Star Gym or Personal Checks will be accepted after the balance due date. <br>
-Performance music should be in MP3 form. Bring a back-up copy of your music. <br>
-Awards ceremonies will take place throughout the competition. Please refer to the competition schedule for approximate times. <br><br><font color="#000000">
Be sure to follow the music guidelines for this event. Go to
<a href="" target="_blank"><u><strong><font color="#0000ff"></font></strong></u></a><font color="#000000">&nbsp;for the latest resources.</font>